Social Media Optimization

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Social Media Media Optimization - SMO: Social networks and social media sites, "lobby activity" or increased traffic potential?

Social linking, is in a sense comparable to traditional word of mouth marketing, but the potential to reach a larger audience in a short period of time has increased dramatically.

According to an article written by marketing authority, Danny Sullivan in August 2006, Rosh Batavia was the first to use this term in his article 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO). There are definite signs that this has become an important element in building IBL's to your site, as you see more and more social bookmaking buttons on the web. Our experience is that you shall not rely on third party plug ins, but make you own social bookmaking buttons. You may pass pagerank to a third site and that site may be down or hang and as such slow your own pages. If you paste code, you must understand what you paste into your own site. This is a general rule when you use code from third parties. The 5 rules first mentioned by Rohit Bhargava is constantly supplemented with new rules. You should also integrate social media into a content strategy from the very beginning.

Social linking, is in a sense comparable to traditional word of mouth marketing, but the potential to reach a larger audience in a short period of time has dramatically increased. If you digg a story or an article, digg it. If enough people digg the story, it is soon found on the search engines. Search engines like Google may for a short period rank a new story higher than an authoritative old story. In that respect the article written by Danny Sullivan can for a period of time rank higher on the search engine result pages than the explanation of social media optimization found on Wikipedia. That article is in february the first hit on Google, and today that is newer than Sullivan's article. The opposite can be the case in other situations.

Note what we wrote on the front page of AdSchoolWorld.

"Ad has never been objective and is very subjective in nature, in short, it is subjective sell propaganda. In that respect, ad is cunning, treachery and reduced to the least common denominator, trickery".

This is part of the story. We can supplement, Ad is "lobby" activity, story telling and related to mass psychology. A large enough social network has the potential to digg a story to the top, at least for a while. Some say that Real People Don't Have Time for Social Media. Economists know that it is difficult to fight Mr. Market and money rules is a well known slogan in finance. That is not always the case on internet. A lot of good information found on the internet is free and some will by all means do all they can for the content to be free.

So read the articles and stories linked to above, and you add a new dimension to your online advertising if it is done correctly.

Then is there a correct way to do social media optimization. Aaron Wall, the author of The SEO Book writes: "Social Media Traffic Does Not Buy" and he asks whether social media traffic is worth 1 cent per visitor and under the heading in the above link he concludes:

"Want to know the truth about most social media traffic? Its garbage. Some of my AdSense ad campaigns use an affiliate account to track ROI. Until I filtered them out for poor performance, MySpace and Digg were providing about 90% of my overall affiliate ad volume with 0 conversions, whereas some of my better affiliates make a sale a day or a sale every few days on far less traffic".
Personally the owner of this site has problems with Microsoft valuing FaceBook to USD 15 Billion in 2007. The company did not have a positive cash flow at the time of the buy (now it has), so according to "Modigliani-Miller" Microsoft must use another formula to value a company. And there are other methods to value a company, e.g. using real option pricing models, the present book value of the company (including immaterial capital like goodwill and human capital), its free cash account etc. Some related links:


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